South Devils Garden

Arches National Park

A continuation of North Devils Garden, divided by Double O Canyon, South Devils Garden is a popular area due to well-known arches, hiking trails, nearby campground and the end of the paved road.

At a span of 290 feet, Landscape Arch, is the largest arch in Arches National Park and can be seen after a mile hike from the parking lot on a well maintained trail. Landscape Arch was once considered to be the largest arch in the world but recent discoveries in China have moved this arch down the list.

Information and images of natural arches in the South Devils Garden area

Arc de Triomphe

Beam Arch

Black Arch

Black Cave Arch Outer

Blocked Arch

Broken Arch

Crystal Arch North

Crystal Arch South

Debris Arch

Diamond Arch

Double O Arch Lower

Double O Arch Upper

East Tunnel Arch

Landscape Arch

Ledge Arch

Limbo Arch

Magic Mystery Bridge

Magpie Arch North

Magpie Arch South

Navajo Arch

Oval Canyon Arch

Partition Arch North

Partition Arch South

Pine Tree Arch

Ruin Arch

Shadow Box Arch

Skyline Arch

Styled Arch

Tapestry Arch

Tunnel Arch

Wall Arch

Wedge Arch

White Fin Arch